Rotterdam based foundation (A)WAKE and Amsterdam based organisation Het Actiefonds join forces to introduce New Activism: a series of discussion nights that shed light on new forms of activism by presenting new activist voices and their ways of challenging the status quo.

We live in turbulent times. With the extreme right on the rise – racism, xenophobia and populism have found their back to the centre of society. Although everywhere we face massive social and economic inequalities,
many political leaders fail to take appropriate action. In order to change society and make the world a better place we must work together and fight for our rights. But how do we do this? And where do we begin?

Our ‘New Activism’ program sheds new light on today’s social activist movements, marked by their playful strategies, use of digital (free)tools and tongue-in-cheek approach of activism. We will dive into their
strategies, achievements and goals with a series of events, podcasts and videos and will place power of hope, courage and engagement firmly on the foreground again!

Het Actiefonds
Het Actiefonds is an organisation that supports the struggle for a sustainable and socially just world in which people and the environment are more important than economic interests. We do so by investing in bottom-up social change. It is our mission to support social movements and activists all over the world that fight for equality, sustainability and social justice. We raise money among individual donors and finance actions and projects globally.

We would like to introduce you to (A)WAKE. On paper, its our new non-profit foundation that will host all our upcoming arts & culture events. In reality, (A)WAKE is a family: a collective of radical new voices that stand
against intolerance, economic precarity, and fight against fear of ‘the other’. We navigate between the fields of art and politics.

New Activism is supported by Stichting Democratie en Media

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